“Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.”

Rudolf Steiner



Welcome Friends to the annual Highland Hall Waldorf School May Faire 2017!  Join us as we celebrate Spring with a variety of family activities, all designed to reconnect us with Mother Nature.  It will be held on our enchanting 11-acre, eco-friendly campus, the Faire is a cherished tradition of our community-at Highland Hall.

Are you looking for a fun, creative, and beautiful environment for the whole family to enjoy?  Join us and experience a variety of culturally rich performances.

The May Faire features a lively roster of activities: strolling character entertainers, live music, storytelling, delectable healthy baked goods and food vendors, exquisite artisan vendors, our May Faire Marketplace, exhibitors, children’s games, arts and craft-making activities for ALL ages! Visitors will  be able to enjoy time in our farm, and the Native American Village.

Children’s Maypole Dance
Join us at 10am! The most iconic elements of the May Faire are the Maypole dances which continue a tradition started by celebrants in May festivals centuries ago..

Admission is FREE.  Join us for this signature event.  Enjoy this magical place that awakens the wonder of children’s creative spirits.

Here’s to merriment, fun, and the creation of new family memories!

Learn more about Highland Hall Waldorf School 



Center Courtyard

10:00 – 10:45    Commencement ~ May Pole Dances and May Faire Queen crowning

Ticket Booth –
Pick up your activities, crafts, games and food tickets here and near basketball area! Ask about our bracelet bundle deals!

Center Courtyard – Entertainment Performances

11:30 – 12:00     Native American Song & Dance pow wow – Calderon family, Gabrielino Tongva, Chumash and Mexica nations
12:15 – 12:30     Peace Player Drummers – Mr. Gerald Rivers invites his accomplished students, from Ocean Charter School and Odyssey Charter School
1:00 –   1:45       Ballet Folklórico de Los Ángeles – premier Mexican folk dance company
2:30 –   4:00       The Country Dancers of Greater Los Angeles –  contra music and folk dancing for all!

11:00 –  4:00      The Bake Shoppe & Café – Enjoy delectable homemade treats, as well as coffee and tea!

Fairy Room & Marketplace 11:00 –  4:00
Pick up something unique for yourself or a loved one. Delight in our beautiful creations made by our extraordinary, dedicated parent community.
For more details May Faire Marketplace

Community and Artisan Vendors 11:00 –  4:00  
Pick up something handmade for yourself or a loved one. Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

The Highland Hall Treehouse  – When you check out Highland Hall don’t forget to pop into our school store, the Treehouse! For more details Treehouse

Information Booth – Curious about Highland Hall Waldorf School, looking for a summer camp, or have a question?  Stop by our information booth, we’re here to help! located just outside the main offices.

Ticket Booth – Pick up your activities, crafts, games and food tickets here!

Wood Shop Area

11:00 –  4:00      Native American Village – Enjoy Native Elders storytelling, native games and crafts! For more details Native Village

Our native storytellers will be located by the Chumash ‘ap’ shelter all afternoon. All our Elders will be here to chat, answer questions, take photos and show their beautiful handmade items from their respective tribes.

Pow Wow – Calderon Family
11:30 – 11:50    Representing – Gabrielino Tongva, Chumash and Mexica nations dance/song pow wow (in Center Courtyard)
12:00 –   1:00    Then join them near the ‘ap’ shelter for photos and story telling

Native Craft – Create a beautiful Abalone shell necklace. $2 or 2 tickets per person

Native Games – by Elder Kat High   11:00 – 4:00 (near Fairy Ring)
Acorn tops, Pokean (Zuni hackysack made from corn husks), Corn cob darts (Wheel & Dart game), Stave or walnut dice, Pshook (Kumeyaay stave dice counting games), Hoop and Pole game

Storytelling – by Elders Alan Salazar and Dennis Garcia (Chumash, Tataviam and Tonga traditions)
1:00 – 1:30     1st story by Elder Dennis
1:30 – 2:00     1st story by Elder Alan
2:30 – 3:00    2nd story by Elder Dennis
3:00 – 3:30    2nd story by Elder Alan

Parent – Quiet Corner

11:00 –  4:00   Located between Native American Village & Biodynamic Farm
Need a quiet moment with your little one? Relax in our special cozy corner canopy.  Please be mindful this is just for parent and nursing/diaper-aged child. Kindly remove your shoes upon entering…

Biodynamic Farm

11:00 –  4:00       Farm Activities – Treasure hunt, Little Chicken Project, crafts and more…for more details Farm Activities

Middle Yard

11:00 –  4:00        Crafts  for all ages –  for more details Arts & Crafts
11:00 –  4:00        Jump Rope Making
11:00 –  4:00        Face painting  for all ages – $4 or 4 tickets per person
11:00 –  4:00        Games  for all ages –  for more details Games
11:00 –  4:00        Dunk Tank
11:00 –  4:00        12th Grade Econ Project  – For more details about their creative offerings to faire-goers visit our May Faire Marketplace!

Camp Helping Hands  11:00 – 4:00
Camp Helping Hands – Where Kids Make a Difference.  Six Locations Across the Southland. Ages 6-14.  Service ~ Learning ~ Fun


Student Class Projects  1:00 – 3:00
7th grade Rube Goldberg machines will be demonstrated! Come experience this complex contraption in which a series of devices that perform simple tasks are linked together to produce a domino effect!

Basketball Court & Picnic Table Eating Area

11:00 –  4:00         Games  – Trike Track (2-7 yrs)
11:00 –  4:00         Delectable Feasting Corner  – Healthy yummy delights to satisfy many palates!

Cake Walk
–  1, 2 and 3pm
$3 or 3 tickets per person at the top of each hour for a chance to win a delicious, homemade, ORGANIC cake!

11:00 –  4:00         Parent Music Performances –  throughout the day (near food vendors and seating area)

Thank you to all our parents, faculty, students, Indigenous guests, Mexican Folklorico dancers, Circus Joy, Peace Player Drummers, Contra Dance Band, parent music entertainers, and vendors for coming together to plan, execute and celebrate this year’s May Faire.



Welcome to our culturally diverse entertainment offerings! Enjoy our magical strolling characters, mesmerizing storytellers, Mexican Folklorico dancers, Native American performers, Contra Dancing and magnificent music offered by our talented students, parents and more…


Ballet Folklórico de Los Ángeles

Celebrating our gorgeous diverse cultural community, we are excited to welcome, Ballet Folklórico de Los Ángeles founded in 2011 by Kareli Montoya.

Though young, the dance company has already distinguished itself as the nation’s premier Mexican folk dance company. They have performed in world-class venues such as the Nokia Theater, Greek Theater, John Anson Ford Amphitheater, Santa Barbara Bowl, Valley Performing Arts Center and the Staples Center.  

The dance company has been accompanied by various mariachi bands including Grammy-Award-Winning Mariachi Los Camperos, Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan, world-famous Mariachi Vargas and Mariachi Divas. Ballet Folklórico de Los Ángeles has shared the stage with bands celebrities such as Lila Downs, Morrissey, Ruben, Las Cafeteras, Beatriz Adriana,  Paquita la del Barrio, Empress Of, and Armenian pop star Lilit Hovhannisyan.  This amazing dance troop is the first folklórico company in the country to accompany a Symphony; the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra and the Marina del Rey Symphony orchestra, both conducted by Frank Fetta.

Strolling Characters

With magic and whimsy, the children will love meeting our May Faire characters roaming throughout the day. Visit with Mother Nature, our Sleeping Giant, Spring Gnomes, Spring Faeries and more…


Pocket Fairy

During the May Faire, keep a sharp lookout for the Pocket Fairy! Choose a special surprise from one of the many pockets in her magical cloak! All of her treasures have been made by elves at Highland Hall.



Circus Joy was founded by Joy Halverson and is a family operated business.  Her primary performers are her children, who are all Waldorf educated, and former students at Journey School in Aliso Viejo.

Joy has been a performer since 2002, working as a stilt walker and children’s performer with Scarlett Sisters Circus, Salida Circus, Belfast City Circus, UCI’s partnership for peace and her own company, Circus Joy!

She has been the movement educator, after school circus educator, and archery teacher at Journey School since 2004.  Joy is enrolled in her 3rd year of Spacial Dynamics under Jaimen MacMillan. Not to be missed, look out for Circus Joy around our magical campus!



Actor Gerald C. Rivers is also a Master Drummer and works with young people on a regular basis teaching African Djembe Drumming as an elective at several local Charter Schools as well as to adults.  

He also teaches homeschooled students for those with special needs.  Mr. Rivers invites his accomplished students, “The Peace Players” with him to perform at various events around the city.  This group of students who will be performing are from Ocean Charter School in Culver City and Odyssey Charter School in Altadena where he teaches drumming on a weekly basis.  These extraordinary healing instruments have the power to transform students’ lives, improving their grades and behavior.  For further information please visit www.geraldcrivers.com.




Contra dancing has a heritage stretching back hundreds of years, but contemporary contra dancing is not an obscure historical relic. Rather it is a thriving social activity enjoyed across the country and around the world by large numbers of people of all ages.

Dancers get swept away as they become one with the music, interacting with each other as they move and weave through the patterns they create. Each figure and movement is taught and every dance is prompted by a caller, so advance knowledge is not required.

James Hutson, a veteran caller and teacher of contras, squares, and English country dances, is known for his clear instruction, precise timing, and high energy calling. His reassuring manner puts even the most neophyte dancer at ease. He was co-founder of the Culver City English Country Dance series and has led dance workshops at various festivals and other events throughout California and the West.

Live music will be provided by a trio of the region’s most accomplished dance musicians: Bob Altman on keyboard, Linda Kodaira on fiddle, and David James on mandolin. Their music is hauntingly beautiful and offers tremendous variety; sometimes sweet and melodic, at other times absolutely driven with a pulsating beat.

The Country Dancers of Greater Los Angeles are attendees at regularly-scheduled dances in Culver City and Monrovia. They will demonstrate some intermediate-level dance patterns, then they will help guide participants through some simple, accessible dances in an encouraging, friendly manner. The informal social atmosphere is energizing, mesmerizing, and just plain fun!

Parent Music Performances
Waldo Orf and the Temperaments


Jerry Scott Edelnant – Guitar
Raised in Chicago and based in Los Angeles, guitarist/composer “Jerry Scott” Edelnant plays in a variety of jazz/blues/rock combos and performs original solo acoustic guitar instrumentals at special events around town. He has won the Finger-style category twice at the Topanga Bluegrass folk festival, and is a part-time member of the Groundlings Comedy Improv pit band.  

Jerry is the guitarist in “This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Big Band”, whose members have worked with jazz icons like Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, & Manhattan Transfer, and perform regularly at Viva Cantina in Burbank. Jerry is currently working on a CD of his original material. Jerry has been a Highland Hall parent of two for 17 years, and you have probably heard his music at many of the school’s events.  www.jerryscottmusic.com     

Toshinari Yanagi – Guitar
Raised in Japan and based in Los Angeles, guitarist/composer “Toshi” Yanagi has been an international performing, recording and touring professional since the mid-1980’s. Toshi has performed and/or recorded with virtually a who’s who list of the entertainment industry.  He is currently the in-house guitarist on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and performs regularly around town. Toshi is a parent at Highland Hall and is working on his next CD.  8thnoise@gmail.com  /  www.facebook.com/toshimusic    

Rick Guetschow – Bass
Born in Michigan and based in Los Angeles, Rick Guetschow began his professional career as a bassist when he was a teenager.  He has recorded or performed with Alan Paul, Tanya Tucker, Jack Gafford, Tony-winner Levi Kreis, Travis Howard, Amy Cook, Zara, The Mike Acosta Orchestra, Dennis Tufano, the touring production of Ain’t Misbehavin’, and many others. Adept on both electric and upright bass, Rick brings his unique sensibilities and background to all types of music.  Rick is the bassist in “This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Big Band”. rick.guetschow@gmail.com

Slammin’ Sammy K. – Drums
Born in Michigan and based in Los Angeles, Grammy Nominee Sammy K is an educator, facilitator, sideman, band member and artist, and his high energy, positive approach to music and teaching help keep him in demand. If you live in LA, you’ve probably heard his drumming. His long list of performing and recording credits include Burt Bacharach, Dave Brubeck, “Wayne Brady”, “Ally McBeal”, “The Fast and the Furious”, “The L Word” “Mythbusters”, Walt Disney, Ferrari, NBC, ABC, CBS, Hal Leonard, Six Flags, and the list goes on. Sammy endorses Remo, Zildjian, Yamaha, and Vic Firth gear, and he facilitates a drum line and his own proud creation – a Groove Boot Camp program for Jazz Drumming. Sammy is the Drummer in “This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Big Band”.  www.slamminsammyk.com   


Located near the Wood Shop area

Welcome to our native American village honoring our beautiful local native culture. Built by our 9th-grade students/parents with guidance by elder Alan Salazar, enjoy stories, native games and a gorgeous abalone craft project with your children!  

Nourishing the imagination, come listen to the wisdom and knowledge of our respected elders Alan Salazar, Dennis Garcia and Kat High as they share mesmerizing stories from the Chumash, Tataviam and Tongva traditions (our local tribes) as their elders have for thousands of years!

We’ll also be hosting the Calderon Family representing the Gabrielino Tongva, Chumash and Mexica nations for a special pow wow. (see schedule times below)


Our native storytellers will be located by the Chumash ‘ap’ shelter all afternoon. All our Elders will be here to chat, answer questions, take photos and show their beautiful handmade items from their respective tribes.

Pow Wow – Calderon Family
11:30 – 11:50    Representing – Gabrielino Tongva, Chumash and Mexica nations dance/song pow wow (starts in Center Courtyard)
12:00 –  1:00     Join them near the ‘ap’ shelter for photos and story telling

Native Craft – Create a beautiful Abalone shell necklace. $2 or 2 tickets per person

Native Games – by Elder Kat High  11:00 –  4:00
Acorn tops, Pokean (Zuni hackysack made from corn husks), Corn cob darts (Wheel & Dart game),
Stave or walnut dice, Pshook (Kumeyaay stave dice counting games), Hoop and Pole game

Storytelling – by Elders Alan Salazar and Dennis Garcia (Chumash, Tataviam and Tonga traditions)
1:00 – 1:30     1st story by Elder Dennis  
1:30 – 2:00     1st story by Elder Alan
2:30 – 3:00    2nd story by Elder Dennis  
3:00 – 3:30    2nd story by Elder Alan

Gabrielino Tongva, Chumash and Mexica Nations


Miyiiha’ nehiinkem koy ne’eehyam  (Greetings friends and relatives)

We are the Calderon family representing the Gabrielino Tongva, Chumash and Mexica nations.
We are excited to join you this year at the May Faire Festival. We will be sharing some of our songs, dances, stories and history with you.

After our performance, we will spend some time in the Native American Village
so please come by and say hello and feel free to ask us questions or take pictures with us.

Hakwupa’ai!  (Thank you!)


Alan Salazar

The mission of Alan’s educational program is to enrich the Chumash and Tataviam component, one of the oldest tribes in America. Alan helps fulfill the state required curriculum on Native American studies. But, most importantly Alan puts a real face on the history of the Chumash and Tataviam culture.

Alan says, “I present my history, my family’s history, my tribe’s history in a way that helps students understand. To help them realize that the Chumash and Tataviam are and were a strong and vibrant culture…How did they survive, what made them unique and where did they live? These are just a few of the questions that I will answer. The students touch, feel, sing and listen to the story of the Chumash.”

To learn more…chumashstories.com 


Kat High is a Native Californian of Hupa descent. She serves as the Chair of the American Indian Scholarship Fund of Southern California, and served as the Director and Program Coordinator for the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center for over 15 years. She is an advisor to the Satwiwa American Indian Cultural Center, The Autry National Center, and the Antelope Valley Indian Museum. Kat is a member of the California Indian Basketweavers Association, and Neshkinukat, the California Indian artists network.

Kat has been trained by traditional elders in Native American land management traditions and is a teacher on adapting those principles to the modern world. She also offers workshops on Native plant uses at the Theodore Payne Foundation, Satwiwa and home at Kidiwische Corner.



I am Chumash, Tatavium and Tongva. I am considered an elder. I am a Traditional dancer, storyteller and song carrier. I try to keep people aware of my culture. I’ve always known who I am through my Grandmother, but I didn’t get active in my culture until I was 40 years old. I am humbly proud, of who I’ve become and love sharing my culture.



Adventure onto our biodynamic farm tended by Highland Hall children, and our Farmer! A holistic, ecological approach to agriculture that strives to bring balance and healing to the Earth.

Garden Treasure Hunt
Can you find a lady bug? Know what a calendula flower looks like?  Learn all about our beautiful garden while you follow clues to find treasures and goodies along the way!

Native Seed Balls
Love flowers?  Start a garden of your own with a native seed ball!  The bees and butterflies will thank you!

Garden Refreshments
After spending some time in the sun, join us under the mulberry tree to cool down with some homemade lemonade, made from our very own Highland Hall lemons!  Or try some delicious Sun Tea, made right there in the garden! And some refreshing, tasty apple spirals.

Little Chicken Project
While you’re in the garden, pay a visit to our lovely flock of ladies!  The hens would love to talk with you and tell you all about life on the farm. And if you take a liking to one of the ladies, visit the Little Chicken Project Booth and talk with them about sponsoring her!    

Garden Gnome Society
Visit the Garden Gnome Society booth in the May Faire Marketplace to find beautiful succulents, seeds, and top quality vegetable, flower, and herb starts for your home garden!  We’ll also have biodynamic calendars and other tools for sale to help your garden grow!


Get creative at our arts & crafts tables making handcrafted fun treasures, for children of ALL ages, to keep or give as gifts. You’ll find crafts to delight and entertain, from rainsticks to cork sailboats! Make a beautiful flower wreath to wear, a one-of-a-kind cork pendant, and a fairy ring to stream behind you as your run around the Faire!


Rainsticks – Want to feel like it’s raining any time?  Make a rainstick!  With a cardboard tube, aluminum foil, and some rice, you can build your very own rainstick to feel cool on hot summer days. ($3 or 3 tickets)

Pompoms – Pick your favorite color of yarn and wind away!  Make pompoms to decorate your room, car, or pet! ($2 or 2 tickets)

Popsicle Stick Harmonicas – Who needs heavy instruments when you can stick this one in your pocket and play a song any old time?  With a couple of popsicle sticks and rubber bands, you’ll be making music in no time! ($2 or 2 tickets)

Cork Sailboats – Sailing the high seas was never this fun!  Design and make your very own sailboat to take home and set sail in your tub.  We’ll bet that you can’t sink it! ($2 or 2 tickets)

Fairy Rings – Every fairy needs a fairy ring!  Choose your ribbons and bells, and then you’ll be off! ($5 or 5 tickets)


Flower Wreaths – Join the lovely May Faire tradition of wearing flowers in your hair by making a flower wreath! Beautiful flowers await you and your creativity! ($3 or 3 tickets)

Cork Pendants – Choose from a selection of stamps and paints to make your very own cork pendant to wear! ($2 or 2 tickets)

Stained Glass Bookmarks – Bookmarks can be as fun as the books that they’re marking!  Come and make a beautiful keepsake that uses colorful crayon shavings, wax paper, and heat to make stained glass art. 
($2 or 2 tickets)




Pick up something unique for yourself or a loved one. Delight in our beautiful creations made by our extraordinary, dedicated parent community. And don’t forget Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  All proceeds will go towards the Parents’ Association Wish List to support teachers and students at Highland Hall.

Pixie Place


Visit the magical world of the fairies in Pixie Place! Take a peek into the fairy world and find homes, gardens, and doors especially made for our enchanted friends. You can even take one of these unique items home to welcome some special new neighbors!

Fairy Room


Where children and adults can venture into our enchanted Fairy Room to find special gifts for family and friends! There will be many treasures to be found, just in time for Mother’s Day!


Welcome our local artisan and sustainability vendors, with their exquisite hand-made and earth-bound gifts for Mother’s Day and more…
And learn more about our vendor offerings of our 12th Grade High School Econ Project below!

Camp Helping Hands  (located in Middle Yard)
Camp Helping Hands – Where Kids Make a Difference.  Six Locations Across the Southland. Ages 6-14.  Service ~ Learning ~ Fun

Sofia Elin
Sofia E Bernardez, the designer, makes one-of- a-kind, hand-painted silk scarves.
Sofia Elin is a colorful luxury brand based in Studio City, CA.

The 7Directions
Handmade talking sticks, crystal grids, Affirmation cards and healing crystals. Every piece is made with someone in mind; if it is you, you will know it. It is an honor to create from the heart.

Baby N’anya
Spreading love throughout the world with pure intentions and cruelty-free products. Vegan Baby & Toddler Soft Shoes by Hadas Porath. Baby N’anya

Saint John’s Sponges
I will have natural sea sponges, lava stone, goatmilk soap and goatmilk soap with a sponge inside.  Agave bathing products, loofah from Guatemala and Cairo, and dry brushing brushes.

Joan Newton Pottery
Joan has been making pottery for over 35 years and is inspired by the ceramics of ancient Italy and Crete. Her philosophy is that art should bring us pleasure and enjoyment every day.

All Joan’s work is handmade on the potter’s wheel and hand glazed with food safe, lead free glazes; then fired to over 2100° F in an electric kiln. Pieces are made for frequent use and are oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Kristin Lofgren with Premier Designs Jewelry
Why EXERCISE when you can ACCESSORIZE? Come by my table to learn the tricks to lose up to 30 lbs with your jewelry and accessories. Say what?! Ask me how and receive a gift from me.

Radial Balance Designs
Handmade wearable art in the form high quality, one of a kind, jewelry. All wire-wrap & clay pieces are created by myself, Eliza Reichl, from start to finish using base & precious metals or polymer clay, crystals, and mineral specimens. I hope you can find a piece that you connect with!

Garden Gnome Society
Visit the Garden Gnome Society booth in the May Faire Marketplace to find beautiful succulents, seeds, and top quality vegetable, flower, and herb starts for your home garden!  We’ll also have biodynamic calendars and other tools for sale to help your garden grow!

Ato (Mandala Art) Handmade creative gifts

Nushkie Designs – Needle Felted Artwork

12th Grade High School Econ Project

Each year at the May Faire, teams of students from the 12th Grade class create and offer products or services that they conceive, design, and manufacture or deliver themselves.  The Seniors gain academic credit for this enterprise in their Economics class, as they must write an extensive report documenting all the steps they’ve taken to bring their project to fruition and assessing their experience at the Faire.  

The project is intended to offer the students an opportunity to “run a business” for a day, in order to gain expertise in being an entrepreneur–an experience we hope they can use to help them to achieve success in their professional lives after high school! See what they’ll be offering faire-goers, below!

* Body Marbling is a hydro-painting process in which drops of paint are added to a fluid surface,
allowing individuals to dip their arms or body to transfer the marbled images onto their skin.

* Body and face scrubs made of natural ingredients.  All homemade and vegan!

*Come visit our booth where you can decorate delicate dream catchers, choose your favorite style and color of paracord bracelets, and decorate your body with all natural henna tattoos.  2 Dye 4!

*Tie dye t-shirts and socks with a few Waldorf inspired words.

*The Glass Hut will be holding hand-made glass cups and glass decorations from recycled glass bottles.  Pricing $5 – $20.

*Ever wonder what it feels like to score an epic goal?  Well, now you can at the 12th grade’s soccer booth!
Our group is making a soccer skills challenge delivering a great experience to whoever decides to challenge themselves.  This challenge will consist of a soccer goal filled with boxes and three buckets, and whoever can knock down the most boxes or get the most soccer balls in the buckets will win prizes!

*Black leather necklaces. We will offer three different sizes (16″, 18″, 20″). Each necklace will have a choice of a crystal pendant or other type of pendant.

*Gypsy’s Corner – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be whisked back into the whimsical days of the Renaissance?  Well, you can experience some of that magic right here in the small nook of Gypsies Corner!  Have your hair plaited by Sophie with the finest ribbons, designs, and even pixie dust.
Or sit with the mystic Nessa, as she reads her cards and reveals your future.
Braids will be done to customers’ liking and tarot spreads can be done on life, relationships, and any assortment of questions!  We eagerly await your arrival and bid thee good tidings ’til then.



Don’t forget to pop into our school store at the Treehouse, a social hub of our school community.  Selling all things Waldorf, our store offers many unique products that support Waldorf education: wooden and handmade toys, arts and craft supplies, organic personal care products and artisan gifts. The Treehouse also features thoughtfully selected books on natural parenting, child development, Waldorf education and children’s books for all ages.


Fun games for ALL ages!  Ride our trike track, or enjoy some lawn bowling and more…come test your aim, speed and agility.  Regardless of age or skill our high school students are ready to root you on!

Wall Climbing (12 yrs +)
(behind High School) 

Jump Rope Making

Tricycle Track (2 – 6 yrs)
(on Basketball Court)  

Cake Walk
(near Feasting Corner)

Bean Bag Toss

Dunk Tank (12 yrs +)  

Lawn Bowling



Erwin & Orly Pittock – Select Clothing
for all the gorgeous fabrics for our decorations

Gemma Webb – Raven, Echo, and Persia
for the awesome Plasma Cars for our Trike Track games activity

Jennifer Maraia and Sophia Shearman 7th grade
for the splashing fun Dunk Booth

Tara Bunch and Katherine Bunch Mercado 
for our special guest entertainers Circus Joy

Regina Barba
for our special guest performers Ballet Folklórico de Los Ángeles – Mexican folk dancers

Lisco family
Native Elder Storyteller

Arvin Petros
May Faire photographer



Didn’t pack a picnic? No problem. We have gathered some yummy food vendors to choose from, with vegan and vegetarian choices. Try one or try something from each. Located on the basketball court.



Enjoy delectable homemade treats, as well as coffee and tea! Our wide array of cookies, muffins, cakes, brownies, fudge and more are baked fresh by parents. Also featuring vegan and gluten-free options!



With vegan and vegetarian options available, PattyWagon is passionate about providing healthy, delicious and sustainable hamburgers and are dedicated to the champions of the grass fed movement and other sustainable, earth-conscious organizations.



To cool you off during the day, we’ll also be hosting Sno Con Amor ‘Abundance of Love’! Whose creations are handcrafted syrups made from fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and flower extracts! Free from artificial flavors, colors or refined sugar and served in compostable cups/spoons!




Experience the magic of superfoods. D’s Super Blends uses all best locally sourced organic ingredients in all of their blends & snacks, adding superfoods from around the world. Carefully, selected, crafted and prepared for enjoyment, down to the last mouth-watering bite. Healthy, Organic, Local, Delicious. HOLD on to the things you love.



 Ihsan’s Falafel is made with whole organic ingredients, and is free of gluten, dairy, and animal products. Delicious, healthy, and happy are the three words to describe what they’re are all about.  “We try to be kind to Mother Earth by using ingredients that are organic, local, and GMO-free as well as packaging that is environmentally friendly.”




Directions to Highland Hall

The May Faire is hosted on our beautiful 11-acre campus is located at 17100 Superior Street, Northridge CA 91325. We are 1.5 blocks west of Balboa Magnet School and the Northridge Congregational Church.

PARKING: Street parking is available on several streets around the school.  The driveway on SUPERIOR STREET into the school will be only available for DROP OFFS at the May Faire. Please be mindful of our neighbors and neighborhood by not blocking driveways or leaving trash in the street or on private property.

Directions from the 405 Freeway heading north: Exit Nordoff, turn left. Go 1.7 miles and turn right on Balboa Bd. Take the 3rd left onto Superior Street. Go 1.5 blocks and school entrance is on left.

Directions from the 405 Freeway heading south: Exit Devonshire, turn right. Go 1.7 miles and turn left on Balboa Bd. Go about .8 miles and turn right on Superior Street. Go 1.5 blocks. School entrance is on left.

Directions from the 118 Freeway: Exit Balboa Blvd. Head south (away from mountains) and go 2.2 miles. Turn right on Superior Street. Go 1.5 blocks and school entrance is on left.



17100 Superior St, Northridge, CA